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Do You Need to Probate a Will or Obtain Advice on Administering a Trust in Idaho?

Decisions made by executors of wills and by trustees of trusts can have a dramatic impact on the amount of wealth that is passed on to, and preserved for, family and friends. However, the decisions can be tax-technical, involve sophisticated number crunching, and can be interrelated in terms of the financial and personal impact on families. During both the probate of a will and the administration of a trust, the advice and assistance of experienced trusts and estate planning attorneys in Idaho can be critical to avoid missteps. Trusts and probate lawyers in Boise and Sun Valley at Mathieu, Ranum & Allaire, PLLC have guided many individuals and families in Boise and Sun Valley through these processes.

Probate & Trust Administration

The probate process is essentially the wrapping up of a decedent's affairs under the oversight of a court, either because a decedent left a will or died intestate. Assets left in trust, as well as retirement plans and certain other assets, may or may not be part of this process and may need to be distributed or administered separately. Additionally, there can be numerous decisions that must be made about all of the property owned by the decedent, including those impacting taxes due, the funding of trusts, and the allocation of expenses and taxes among the stated bequests and devises as well as among assets remaining outside of the formal probate process.

If not handled properly, the processes of probate and trust administration can be unnecessarily delayed and frustrating to the parties involved. The mishandling of an estate from lack of knowledge or inattention can generate disputes among family members during what is already a difficult time emotionally. Our experience dealing with probate and trust law enable us to proficiently counsel executors, trustees, heirs and beneficiaries.

In addition to probate and trust administration, we are frequently called upon to offer advice and assistance in the following areas:

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