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Do You Need a Business Law Attorney in Idaho?

There are many, integrated issues about which the Idaho business law attorneys at Mathieu, Ranum & Allaire have the expertise to address, including formations, mergers, acquisitions, contract documentation and negotiations, corporate governance, legal and regulatory matters, and business succession. But that is not what sets us apart. Our Sun Valley and Boise business law attorneys are not merely trained to address these matters, but also have extensive experience guiding our clients in a manner that enables them to anticipate and prevent problems from arising, rather than encounter and then regret having not taken action sooner. In our experience, the problems that most frequently result in unnecessary legal actions and costs for small businesses owners are:

  • Poorly drafted contracts;
  • Failure to update contracts as conditions change;
  • Failure to have in place, at company inception, a well thought-out and legally enforceable shareholders, operating, or partnership agreement that addresses potential issues among owners;
  • Failure to document and adhere to board and partnership policies and procedures;
  • Authority guidelines for entering transactions, employee hiring and firing procedures, and accounting and signature controls;
  • Intermingling personal and corporate assets; and
  • Failure to document and retain copies of important decisions.

We can provide assistance in eliminating these risks and advising on many other legal issues when and as they arise. Please contact us to discuss your concerns and objectives.

Business Law Attorneys Offering Expertise in Idaho Business Entity Formation, Contracts and Negotiations

Business Entities: There are a number of business entities to choose from when forming your business, such as corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies, to name only a few. Choosing the right legal entity for your business will be critical to the way in which key aspects of the business will be handled, including liability, taxation, corporate governance, management and control, transfer, dissolution and business succession matters. Mathieu, Ranum & Allaire's Sun Valley and Boise business lawyers are capable of advising you on the options available and helping you organize your company in the way that makes the most sense for your short and long-term business goals.

Contracts: A contract lies at the heart of every business transaction, and the way in which the contract is negotiated and drafted can determine whether your objectives will be met and whether your rights will be adequately protected. Our experienced attorneys help business clients negotiate, prepare and review the myriad of contracts and agreements required with employees and contractors, customers and clients, vendors and suppliers, and more. From employment contracts to buy-sell agreements, attorneys at Mathieu, Ranum & Allaire have the knowledge and experience to advise and assist you and represent your interests with skill and efficiency.

Seek Experienced Business Law Advice and Representation

Attorneys at Mathieu, Ranum & Allaire have over 75 years of combined experience in business and legal fields. Whether you are just starting a company or have a long-established established business, our business lawyers in Boise and Sun Valley, can advise and assist you with your business legal matters. For a discussion of your particular situation, please contact us.

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