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Author Archives: Carla Ranum

Estate Planning Seminar: Dying Intestate- Your Choice, Your Heirs’ Problem

Join Carla Ranum, Esq., for an informative and lively discussion about what happens if you die intestate or fail to update your estate planning documents as your life changes. Carla will discuss what can go wrong, what can go right and what options are available to you. Carla has been practicing law for over 20… Read More »

“The President Does want Americans to Save… Just not too Much! The Administration’s Proposal to Limit Retirement Plan Savings and the Stretch Out Period for Inherited IRAs.

Retirement Plan Savings The President’s 2014 Budget Proposal, published last week, proposes to automatically enroll workers without employer based retirement plans in IRAs (unless an individual opts out). But just in case you save too much, it also proposes to limit the total value of an individual’s combined retirement plans to an amount sufficient to… Read More »

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